Automatic Lock Doors Give You A More Sense Of Security

Digital lock industry has greatly grown in the past few years. Considering the increasing crime rates in London, there are many people who tend to get the highly secured locks for their homes and offices. Installation of such types of security measures help in providing a safe and the secured way of living. It protects your assets as well as life.

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Types of automatic door locks that you can install

Here is a list of automatic door locks that you can install in your house after consulting the professional locksmiths from London for enhancing its security:

  • Electric Deadbolt Locks: This type of lock is equipped with direct-throw and solenoid-driven mortise bolts. This type of lock is ideal for the large sized cabinets. Some of the models of this type of locks have the date and time controlled features which enhance the durability of the cabinets.
  • Wireless/Remote Locks: This type of door lock works on the internet technology. You need to install the app of this type of lock to lock and unlock it from your Smartphone. This type of door provides the remote access. It even allows you to monitor how many times the door has been opened or closed.
  • Electromagnetic Locks: This type of lock has the electromagnet plate which locks up the door when it is closed. There is a magnetic lock with armature which attracts each other when current is passed through the electromagnetic plate. It is easy and quick to operate.
  • Magnetic Sheer Locks: If you are looking for the aesthetically beautiful lock then this is the perfect option. It is suitable for aluminum, wood or armor-plated glass doors and double-swinging doors.