The Materials Used In Wall Insulation

There are a number of common and cheap insulating materials which can be used for protecting the building surfaces from fire and heat transfer. Wall insulation is also an effective way to make the property energy efficient and many people in West midlands are getting their properties insulated to enjoy the reduced energy bills.

external wall insulation

When it comes to getting the walls insulated, you need to select the materials for insulation like the fiberglass, mineral wool and cellulose. These are the best insulating materials used for wall insulation in West Midlands as they are chemical free and eco-friendly. Some of them are made from recycled paper, cardboards and other materials which make them an excellent option for protection against heat and fire.

Different types of materials for insulating the surface

  1. Fiberglass – nowadays, the use of fiberglass is getting very prominent. They are made up of fine glass strands which are weaved to make the insulating surface. The fiberglass insulators minimize the transfer of heat from the surface of building, but they are quite difficult to handle because they contain finely woven glass powder, silicon and tiny glass shards.
  2. Mineral wool- This is an effective material for insulating a large area at a time. It can be obtained as loose material. They are mostly used in combination with fire resistant products as they are not much resistant to fire.
  3. Cellulose – this is an eco-friendly material used for insulating the surfaces. These materials are made up of recycled paper, cardboard and other materials. They are excellent materials for minimizing fire accidents. It is a compact material which does not allow oxygen to get into it and resists fire from getting expanded.