Maximize The Efficiency Of The Gas Turbine Installed In Your Industry

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Gas turbines are the engines which have a wide range of applications. The operators of the gas turbines on the project site are in search of the reliable maintenance and repair companies to ensure that the plant is working in the best condition and is giving the best output. Use of the gas turbines in the plants is complex and expensive. There is a need of right sizing, careful designing, application, monitoring, operations and control. This can be done by the professional repair and maintenance companies only. Hence, the industries using the gas turbines, hire the turbine services of such repair companies to keep up the functionality of the gas turbines.

Types of gas turbine

There are three types of gas turbines which include:

  • Heavy industrial: These are specifically designed to meet the power needs of the energy sectors.
  • Light industrial: Industries where weight matters to greater extent use this type of gas turbines. It is primarily designed for marine, military and industry use.
  • Aero derivative: This type of gas turbine is mainly designed for the aviation industry. However, it can be used in some other industries also.

No matter which type of gas turbine is installed in your industry, sooner or later, it will develop some kind of problem in its functioning. Hence, there is a need of professional repair experts to look after the problems and provide the best solution at the affordable rates to make the gas turbine functional.

Common problems in gas turbines

Engineers have been conducting researches on gas turbines for several years and have concluded the most common problem in gas turbine is the failure of rotating and moving parts of the turbine. Due to the movement, the moving parts are highly subjected to get damaged in the gas turbines. There are some stationary parts also which get damaged due to its wearing and friction caused by the moving part.

Breakage of the lock seal, collision of the angle wings, and jammed rotor by debris, unbalanced rotors and bad stacking are the other common problems which are frequent in the gas turbines. But, with the help of the professional repair experts, these problems can be treated without causing much damage to the gas turbine. It also helps in improving the efficiency of the gas turbines to yield the maximum results.

Services of the field engineers

For the onsite gas turbine repairs, field engineers are hired. Field engineers by the reliable turbine repair and maintenance companies provide extended services for keeping up the functionality of the gas turbines. They first conduct the inspection of the turbine to know the real cause of problem if it is not working and to find the possible problem if it is in working condition. With the help of planned and unplanned outages, proactive recommendations are provided by the field engineers. They provide the long term corrective action as well as short term corrective measures depending upon the type of gas turbine, age of the turbine and its operational needs. After this, suitable repairs are done for full functionality of the gas turbine.